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Beautiful, isn't it? It's a good representation of our worlds, many and varied. Some are not yet explored, some not even known of, and perhaps they never will be.

Maybe you happened on to this web page by chance. Or perhaps you're looking for information for a term paper or an article for a newspaper. Maybe you or someone you love has learned they are plural. Whether for any of the above reasons or even another, we'd like to share with you some facts along with a few of our thoughts and beliefs.

Multiplicity is not an illness or disorder. Some may lead you to believe this for a variety of reasons, but they are all concepts based on prejudiced backward ideas and beliefs, just like any other preconceived prejudices our society has had over the decades.

It's quite possible to have a system that is in chaos and everyone needs to learn to operate for the benefit of all... cooperate and communicate. In other words your system might be IN disorder, but you are not A disorder. 

Here's a common occurrence. Someone who is multiple goes to a therapist for assistance because their life is in turmoil. they disclose they are plural. Diagnosis? D.I.D.  Yet what they went for originally had nothing to do with being multiple.  Their life is messed up, but it ain't because they are multiple! Here's a good article, by Andy Temple, on another multiples website, that says it clearly. 
No More(cocoons) (labels) (words), Liberating Selves Definition by Andy Temple

I (Jazz) personally get on the band wagon and start advocating for change and often don't stop to think of the situations of those I am advocating for and with.

A Multiple system I have great respect for, Aynetal3, does a LOT of research to keep themselves and others informed about what is being said about Multiplicity.Their blog on Multiplicity is a  chock full of information  http://annsmultipleworldofpersonality.blogspot.com/. They're also selling a book Ann's Multiple World of Personality

Today, on our Yahoo! (plural_activism https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Plural_Activism/) site they shared several things they'd discovered through her research. These are some of the topics concerning learning you are Multiple;

"After one is diagnosed, it is common to have strong feelings such as feeling alone and scared or being overwhelmed.  Not only does the individual sometimes question the diagnosis, they are also (if actually Multiple) being subjected to internal chaos.  Often people within have learned to hide their identities for the systems benefit. And, suddenly the balloon is untied and air is rushing out. It is frustrating because things are hard to explain, there may be panic, and there is definitely the desire to have the “thoughts” stop.  To be overwhelmed is to be taken over by a certain amount of force not unlike the original crises’.  It is very overpowering and threatening to any sense of self one had had.  Of course, there are others, who seem to know and understand their Multiplicity without all the fanfare, but people using the forums are usually more upset and looking for support from others sharing common feelings and experiences.  Many still look for advice – for example, in sorting it all out."

They go on to address issues that supporters of people with Multiplicity go through an upsetting nest of problems in learning to better communicate, facilitate care for the Multiple, if needed, as well as tending to children or others living in the home.  Online support is commonly sought by people especially lacking available support from the medical community.  Some feel it is liberating and they gain perspective by sharing one’s symptoms or difficulties through reflective writing to both self and others.  Randomly “blind” social support has to be taken, however, with a grain of salt.  We have to be responsible for our choices and decisions no matter what the social and less formal outcomes.  Working as a couples’ team is also difficult due to hearing all the messages of the different people within the Multiples’ system.  One of my partner’s favorite expressions is, “Dear, bring it up a level,” which could mean he needs the help of more mature people within our system.  Part of the messages are verbal and some of the messages are non-verbal.  The care-taker of the two can find himself trying to help manage “traumatic memories” although they are not his memories.

"Without a sense of history one can question himself asking, “Who am I?”  If you are unconsciously exchanging people in and out and each asks the question - each answer is different, so the question becomes much more complex because the system has to hold some common sense of unified purpose and duty.  We as Multiples become overwhelmed by movements from especially the littles, especially when not fitting into adult skillsets common in our work, school or home environment.  I can recall being at work once when one of our littles jumped up screaming because there was a spider on the floor.  We shared the office with an elderly nun.  I believe her comment was, “Gather yourself!”  The amount of switching will affect selves as well as the speed (suddenness) of the switching.  It is easy to get to the point of feeling out of control and anxious.  And, it is sometimes difficult to share these feelings and thoughts with the outer “3D-world” because there is a stigma of having a disorder such as DID. "

Although there's a lot on the next several pages, activism is the goal of this site. It will  be difficult to change the ideas and attitudes of society, especially the medical community --- but these are our lives and we need to take control of the helm. Now is the time for self advocacy and empowerment. Being plural/multiple is NOT an illness, it is a way of life!

We have a lot of similarities to the old ideas of homosexuality. People who were homosexual used to be deemed to have a mental illness by the American Psychiatric Association, something to be cured of. Thank goodness most (definitely not all) people came to their senses and learned that being gay is a way of life, part of who you are. It doesn't define who you are as a person though, anymore than the color of your eyes.

We need to stand up for ourselves like the gay community did nearly 40 years ago. We need to travel the road that the African Americans or people of color paved for us. People with disabilities are the most recent group to claim their rights as individuals and to be treated as such.  No matter what they try to tell you, whether it be friends, family or even the medical community, remember that being plural is in no way an illness, something to be cured of.

Please stay tuned to these pages, especially the activism page. We so hope we can accomplish what others in the past have. Encourage and support taking a stand and saying "no more" to exploitation, objectification and ridicule. If you have an idea for activism, or a need for advocacy for yourself or others, please contact us.

Also, here is a link to our Yahoo! group. We have and are doing LOTS of activist activities! Please come join us.

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