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There's nothing more empowering and gratifying than activism. Many images come to peoples minds when you speak that 8 letter word, for our intentions though it's about empowering & educating. Educating ourselves of our rights, educating other multiples of the information and supports available to them and educating Jane Q. Public of what being multiple really means. Empowering ourselves and others to take back our lives and destiny.

Doing any of these things will empower us more than a mind can dream, helping to debunk the negative images society holds and replacing them with the true understanding of what being multiple is all about.

You don't have to be on the front lines to be an effective activist. There's plenty behind the scene things that are needed. There's always room to stand along side us though, if you do choose to be in the public's eye.
If you have any ideas of any activist activity that might be beneficial, please please let us know. 

Here's a partial list of things we have accomplished and a few that are still in their infancy.
Multiple logo- ACCOMPLISHED (see the bottom of each web page for examples.) Please post them on your web sites and blogs too. You can personalize them as you see fit... words, colors etc. But the symbol needs to remain the same. Thanks Jay & Denizen's for the original & Jim and Tracee for spiffing it up a bit!
Podcast- ACCOMPLISHED!!. Would love any help you might wish to impart.
WIKIMultiple- accomplished. Thanks ELL ! Unfortunately our Wiki has been taken over by spammers. If you know how to do WIKI's, we would love your help in re-establishing it.
Plural Pride Store- ACCOMPLISHED. Thank you Nonesuch_exploreres! 
DSM V- these folks are having a rough go of it (aww...) BUT we helped get things to a slightly better identification. They were trying to take out "Criterion C" of the definition of DID. We got them to leave it in. It's not our goal for certain, but it's a step in the right direction. "Criterion C" states that DID can not be labeled a disorder if it does not impede their daily lives.
*UPDATE* Please come join us on Plural_Activism. We are presently (March 2015) looking at possible ways to affect the Movie coming out "A Crowded Room" Leonardo DiCaprio will be acting as Billy Milligen. This movie will have a strong impact on the Multiple community as a whole and an even stronger one in the legal system.

Many believed and many still do, that Milligen and company were convicted of murder. This sin't so. They were convicted of kidnapping women, forcing them to take money out of their personal bank accounts and then raping them. Here is the script as of this moment. I'm quite sure it will be revised A LOT.

Apparently this movie has been back stage for many years